xGASS: an Arecibo legacy HI survey


We provide below the catalog for the full xGASS representative sample, which is obtained by adding gas-rich galaxies detected by ALFALFA that were not re-observed by us. This is the sample used in our xGASS science papers, and the one that we recommend to use.

We also release catalogs and digital HI spectra of the Arecibo observations carried out as part of GASS and GASS-low surveys.

If you are using xGASS data for your science, please cite Catinella et al. 2018.


xGASS representative sample (FITS, ASCII)
xGASS representative sample catalog description (ASCII)

Combined GASS/GASS-low HI catalogs:
HI detections (FITS, ASCII)
HI non-detections (FITS, ASCII)
Combined HI catalog descriptions (ASCII)

Arecibo HI digital spectra

All spectra (ASCII, tar.gz)
All spectra (FITS, tar.gz)

Value-added catalogs

Angular momentum measurements (Hardwick et al. 2022a, 2022b)
Catalog (FITS)
Catalog description (ASCII)